The “How To” guide for buying a home in your 20’s

When you think “millennial generation”, you think educated, tech-savvy and fairly decisive.
Furthermore, this generation is seeming to be a group deciding that their 20’s - early 30’s is
the prime time to buy their first home.

In today’s world, there are TONS of resources through the internet on just about any subject
you are researching, but sometimes, the “click and glance” method isn’t the smartest way to
get your into your first home --
Instead, give these five tried and true tips a shot and feel confident on how to buy your first

1. Are you ready for the commitment
It has been said time and time again, buying a home is arguably the largest purchase you
will make in your entire life.  What does…

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Haw Creek Community in Asheville, NC

The Haw Creek community is located in a quaint valley of East Asheville in the mountains of North Carolina.  Settled in the early 1700’s, the name of the neighborhood stems from the many Hawthorne trees that thrived along the banks of the area’s creeks. Nestled between US Highway 70 and Groce Methodist Church by Tunnel Road, it was established as a farming municipality in its early years

The Haw Creek Lifestyle

Haw Creek is an activist community with an established association that provides support to surrounding neighborhoods.  Because of a professional working relationship with city, county and state legislators, its members can voice concerns/needs of neighboring communities making an impact on the East…

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In the past, communities were planned around life within walking distance. A community’s town square was the central point for all activity and the “go to” for any necessities.   It is where business, errands, dining and socialization took place and the heart of the town in which it is located.

Biltmore Park in Asheville, North Carolina was constructed as a “re-invention” of this style of living. This 42-acre platform is the first mixed-use community in the area and a hot spot for natives and visiting tourists to walk, mingle and explore.  Asheville’s artistic history meets its natural beauty where you are invited to enjoy mountain views, distinctive architecture and copious green space as you leave your car behind to enjoy the experience that awaits. …

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Biltmore Lake Community in Asheville

Biltmore Lake is a fabulous community that appeals to all ages, nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge
Mountains, in Asheville North Carolina. This beautiful development is set beside a natural lake, spanning
over 62-acres and recreations are largely centered around this landmark. Biltmore Lake opened in 1995
and is still in development today. The community features an exciting line-up of amenities and homes
available for new construction and resale.

Biltmore Lake is a community created in a diverse setting that appeals to homebuyers of all ages. Upon
completion, Biltmore Lake real estate is expected to include just over 1,000 homes of attached and
single-family designs. Home sites feature scenic settings and are in one of…

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Southcliff Community in Fairview, NC

Normally, privacy and convenience are mutually exclusive. However, the residents of Southcliff truly enjoy the “best of both worlds.” Tucked away in the mountains of Fairview, North Carolina, this 400-acre gated community will charm you immediately. The homes are built on the sloping face of Cedar Cliff Mountain, so most roads and homes in this neighborhood enjoy a long-range view of Bear Wallow and Pisgah Mountain Chains. Peppered throughout the three individual communities is 175 acres of a sprawling and healthy forest, which houses 6 miles of exclusive hiking trails for the residents. While this community boasts of the best of rural living, it lies only a short seven-minute drive to Downtown Asheville, and a…

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Tudor Croft in Black Mountain, NC

What’s in a name? The history behind the Tudor Croft Vision and why it’s the perfect fit for your lifestyle.


The Town

 Spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains surround the charming and beautiful town of Black Mountain. The mountain backdrop is a perfect complement to the vision of the Tudor Croft subdivision, located on the land of an old horse farm in the back hills of the community. Black Mountain art is nationally recognized, and is home to incredible handmade crafts, furniture, local food markets and music. Looking for things to do in Black Mountain? The town hosts fun festivals and activities year-round! If you are looking for adventure, a place to raise your family, or retire and relax, this is…

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