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Mills River Crossing South - in the heart of Mills River Community with all its sweeping beauty of the valley and mouth watering-backdrop of several mountain ranges. Can't beat the area for convenience! It is located between Brevard and Hendersonville - and is very close to Fletcher, Arden, and just a jump to Asheville, North Carolina. The Asheville Regional Airport is less than 10 minutes away as well. 
Mills River Crossing is a fun place to be, with a wonderful recreational park that offers a fun playground and a covered picnic area for all your parties and cookouts.  It has a sister subdivision in North Asheville - Mills River Crossing North!

The Homes

Mills River Crossing homes offer level to slightly…

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The Haw Creek Community is located in a quaint valley of East Asheville, perched in the mountains of North Carolina. Settled in the early 1700’s, the name of the neighborhood stems from the many Hawthorne trees that thrived along the banks of the area’s creeks. Haw Creek was established as a farming municipality in its early years, however, it now is predominantly residential and  is host to over 2,500 residences, while still maintaining that rural feel. With no road outlets to any other part of town, Haw Creek enjoys less trafficked roads and more privacy than other parts of town. 


Haw Creek Lifestyle

Haw Creek is an active community with an established association that provides support to surrounding neighborhoods. As a result of a…

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When you think “millennial generation”, you think educated, tech-savvy and fairly decisive. Furthermore, this generation is seeming to be a group deciding that their 20’s - early 30’s is the prime time to buy their first home.

In today’s world, there are TONS of resources through the internet on just about any subject you are researching, but sometimes, the “click and glance” method isn’t the smartest way to get your into your first home --Instead, give these five tried and true tips a shot and feel confident on how to buy your first home:

1. Are you ready for the commitment? 
It has been said time and time again, buying a home is arguably the largest purchase you will make in your entire life.  What does this mean? You should be confident…

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Biltmore Lake is a fabulous community that appeals to all ages, nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in Asheville North Carolina. This beautiful development is set beside Enka lake, a natural lake spanning over 62-acres with the expansive recreation areas largely centering around this landmark. Biltmore Lake opened in 1995, and is still releasing new communities today. The community features an exciting line-up of amenities and homes available for new construction and resale.

Homes in Biltmore Lake

When you are looking for the classic neighborhood experience with options for housing styles, Biltmore Lake delivers. In addition to the original neighborhood, there are four subcommunities that offer a wider range of homes. Cedar Rock is…

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In the past, communities were planned around life within walking distance. A community’s town square was the central point for all activity and the “go to” for any necessities.   It is where business, errands, dining and socialization took place and where the heart of the town lied. Biltmore Park in Asheville, North Carolina was constructed as a “re-invention” of this style of living. This 42-acre platform is the first mixed-use community in the area and a hot spot for locals and visiting tourists to walk, mingle and explore. 

The Town Center

Biltmore Park is where Asheville’s artistic history meets its natural beauty. You are invited to enjoy mountain views, distinctive architecture, and copious green space as you leave your car behind to…

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 In the increasing popular town of Black Mountain, the neighborhood of Tudor Croft stands apart from others. With a mix between Tudor-style architecture with an arts and crafts bungalow flair, this hip neighborhood feels like a community that you can make roots in. First built in 2016, Tudor Croft is a relatively new neighborhood, meaning that most homes here are in good condition with more modern and updated features. The community is most built, however there are still some lots available for purchase, allowing you some freedom to choose finishes on your new home. 


The Floorplans of Tudor Croft

Tudor Croft offers 4 main floorplans with three variations for each series: the Hampton, the Whitehall, and the Windsor. Each series is available…

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